The road to the White House comes through Tulsa again -- this time, with presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg.

We're hearing new reaction about the economic mobility plan he laid out on Sunday.

The democratic contender made a point of unveiling the plan in Tulsa's historic Greenwood District.

Bloomberg called the plan the 'Greenwood Initiative.'

He said it's all about helping overlooked communities of color to prosper -- much like Black Wall Street did here nearly a century ago.

"What happened here in Tulsa demonstrates, I think, in incredibly stark reality the violent destruction of a prosperous Black community, and the enormous obstacles that so many black Americans have faced not only in creating wealth, but in passing assets to their children and grandchildren as generations of white families have done," Bloomberg said.

He's referring to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, the reason he came to Green Country Sunday.

Presidential candidate Bloomberg said the challenges of African American wealth creation is directly linked to racial injustices in the past. He said breaking that link would be a centerpiece of his presidency if elected.

Bloomberg is one of a dozen candidates still in the race for the White House, just weeks away from the Iowa caucuses.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders visited Oklahoma last year.

Former candidates Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker made stops in Tulsa.

Those visits give Tulsans like Charles Townsend a chance to see the presidential hopefuls firsthand. He said he was impressed.

"It was pretty direct, pretty simple, pretty to the point, and very convincing and sincere," Townsend said.

Bloomberg's plan has three main goals; help a million more black families buy a house to counteract effects of redlining and the mortgage crisis, double the number of black owned businesses, and help black families triple their wealth over the next 10 years to reduce the wealth gap.

Bloomberg said he would do this through government programs and regulations.

"But I believe that this is a country where anything is possible. And I believe that we have the power to build a future where color and capital are no longer related. That is the future I want to leave my grandchildren - and that is the future that I will work for and build as president," Bloomberg said.

The Iowa Caucuses are just a couple weeks away. Oklahomans will have to wait a little longer, we vote in March.