Police in Pottawatomie County are looking for whoever dumped two dogs and five new-born puppies in a ditch.

The puppies were so young, their eyes weren’t even open yet. With the cold, wet weather they wouldn’t have survived long.

"There were five puppies that were apparently wrapped in a sheet or light blanket-type thing and left in a ditch there on the side of the road," said Maeghan Olsen with 1 Day Ranch Rescue in Bethel Acres.

"The mama dog was there with them, and she was being very aggressive towards anybody who came over. She was obviously very traumatized and scared.” she said, adding that "a mama dog who has been through a traumatic experience of being loaded up in a car with her babies and thrown in a ditch is going to be traumatized.”

She’s still aggressive. That’s to be expected; she’s protecting her pups.

But she’s eating and drinking, and she and her pups are warm. You can see how loving the male is though.

"He’s a sweetheart. He’s just a big, wiggly, cute little bully mix." Olsen said.

Authorities are hoping someone recognizes the dogs. They’d like to have a talk with whoever who dumped them.

"It’s just sad, and it’s wrong. When we picked up those puppies they were very cold. It was like 40-something degrees that day, and it was the night before it started raining." Olsen said. "And you can’t tell me whoever did that didn’t know."