Two Texas men have been accused of placing credit card skimmers on gas pumps at metro gas stations. Investigators were led to the skimmers through evidence found during a traffic stop.

“This started out as a traffic stop by Oklahoma Highway Patrol,” said Msgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Knight said two men were recently pulled over on Interstate 40 in Sequoyah County. The OHP trooper searched their car and found evidence of possible crimes.

“They found some skimming devices,” said Knight. “And evidence they were using skimming devices to not only gain account numbers but to actually transfer them onto another card.”

According to recently filed court documents, authorities seized nine credit card skimming devices, a laptop, a prybar and a notebook containing several Oklahoma City addresses. 

The trooper released the men but kept the evidence and contacted Oklahoma City police. The United States Secret Service was also brought in to investigate. 

Police said the addresses in the suspects' notebook turned out to be locations where they placed credit card skimmers on 7-Eleven gas pumps.

“In most of those cases the clerk at the 7-Eleven’s had already discovered them and removed them from the gas pumps,” said Knight.

Investigators said the skimming devices taken off the pumps were identical to the ones discovered in the suspects' car. While the evidence was left behind, police believe the men are long gone.

“There are arrest warrants issued for two people that are not in custody,” said Knight. “We believe they are probably in Texas.” 

The suspects were also caught on camera attempting to put a skimmer on a gas pump at a gas station in Newcastle.