SEILING, Oklahoma - Seiling Public School will be closed Wednesday due an outbreak of the flu.
More than 80 faculty members and students are sick with flu symptoms according to school officials. This has prompted a city-wide closure of the district.
The district says even their basketball game against Cashion was postponed because of the illnesses.

The school is currently taking measures to prevent the spread of the flu. They will be wiping down desk and cleaning out the buildings.

In total, the flu has hit Oklahoma particularly hard this year. According to the Centers for Disease control, Oklahoma is marked as one of the high activity states for the flu, along with neighboring states like Kansas and Texas.
The big problem this year is the particular strain which is being seen in hospitals around the country, the B virus.
The CDC says that strain hasn't been been the dominate strain in the nearly 30 years, making this years vaccine a little less effective than before. However they do warn that the effectiveness rate should not deter you from getting your flu vaccine.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is warning what you should do if you catch the flu, saying in part, "We urge all Oklahomans who have suffered flu like symptoms to seek medical attention and then stay home to recover for at least 24 hours after a fever goes away, without the use of fever-reducing medications. Avoid all public places including work, school and group events during this time."
The State Department of Health also urges people wash their hands wherever they go this flu season. They say this will further help prevent the spread of the flu.