Police caught a vandal in the act at a tag agency in northwest Oklahoma City. The owner of the Classen Tag Agency said on Monday, had it not been for dozens of passing drivers, the arrested suspect might have gotten away.

“We’ve been broken into before,” said tag agency owner Jeff Segell. “But typically, it’s a rock through the window, the alarm goes off and they run away.”

Segell said this time the suspect, Thao Yang, 34, seemed intent on busting out all of the windows. One witness reported hearing what he thought were gunshots.

“They heard some loud bangs,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Thought maybe somebody fired a gun when they realized it was windows shattering.”

Passing drivers reported seeing Yang throwing large rocks into the windows.  

“Shoutout and thank you to all the people driving by who called 911,” said Segell. “Because police got here before the alarm system, I think even notified them.”  

Segell got a security alert on his phone that something was wrong. He grew more concerned when he learned there was a fire.

“I could see something smoking,” said Segell. “I actually thought it might be some kind of incendiary bomb. I didn’t know what it was.” 

Police said Yang lit a rag on fire and threw it inside the business. Investigators are still not sure why.

“There’s no indication that this person knew anybody in the business,” said Knight. “Or why he threw it in there.” 

The damage has since been cleaned up. Segell is thankful they were closed when Yang targeted the building.

“No customers or staff were here when it happened,” said Segell. “I guess we’ll be getting some new windows.” 

Yang was still on the scene when police arrived. He was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of arson and vandalism.