OKLAHOMA CITY - A new ride share service called Shuffle has arrived in Oklahoma City. 

The company's fleet has been up and running on the University of Oklahoma's campus for over a year and now the founders have decided to expand.

Just like Uber or Lyft, riders use an app to access Shuffle, but catching rides is a little different. 

The shuffles are 100 percent electric and pick up passengers carpool style.

"It's a $3.00 flat rate anywhere inside the shuffle zone," said founder Patrick Clark. 

There's now a new zone in OKC. Clark said the company did a soft launch the first weekend in January.

"Our vehicles are unique looking so we're getting a lot of stares, smiles, people wondering what that is," said Clark.

By expanding to the city, Clark said he and his fellow founders are hoping to give rides after Thunder games and during other main traffic times. 

"What we do is Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night," said Clark. "We start at 6:00 p.m. we go you know 10 to 11. Tonight Thunder game, we will go later."

The new shuffle zone in the city reaches many of districts people visit on weekends.

"Film row, up to Mitown, Heritage hills," described Clark. 

The shuffles will also go to Scissortail Park. 

While picking up passengers, at the same time, shuffles serve as a mobile billboards. 

"They can do these screens we've done things down in Norman where the advertiser will wrap the whole vehicle," said Clark.

He said he and his fellow founders don't worry about being competition to other ride share apps because they are trying to do something completely different. 

The company hopes to add to the growing number of transportation options in OKC and even help people get to streetcar stops or lime scooters. 

"We're just another piece of mobility here in Oklahoma City," said Clark.

You can download the Shuffle app on Google Play or in the apple App Store