Doctor Michael Steward, 66, one of the owners of the Shawnee Animal Hospital, is accused of sexually assaulting several of his employees including a 12-year-old girl who was doing an internship.

Steward has cared for generations of animals at the Shawnee Animal Hospital. Now he’s accused of sexually assaulting the women who helped him there. Police said one woman came forward after she said she was assaulted in October.  

According to court documents, “…he grabbed her face with his hand and pulled it toward his and forcefully kissed her on the mouth.”

Police said they have surveillance video of the incident. After that employee spoke out, police said others came forward.

“They were scared to. I guess he made threats about how he’s untouchable. He has money.  He has attorneys. And he was just threatening them and scaring them,” said Cpl. Vivian Lozano with the Shawnee Police Department.

One woman said Steward cornered her at his home, “he got behind her and grabbed her by the hair and started pulling it saying this is how you control a horse.  He told her he was going to corral her and take her upstairs…He forcibly touched her all over her body and told her this is how you treat women because that is all they understand,” according to court documents.

Another woman told police, “Dr. Steward told her that he could get her a three dollar raise. Dr. Steward then asked her what she was going to do for him,” court documents revealed.

A 12-year old intern told police Steward assaulted her while they were caring for a newborn horse. 

“She was shadowing him. They had a call at a house for a horse to be delivered and he sexually assaulted her,” Lozano said.

We went to Stewards home.  His wife said the family is not commenting.

According to documents, Steward told his victims, “I have the best lawyer, people love me and I’m untouchable.”

Shawnee police believe there could be other victims.  If you have any information give them a call at 405-273-2121