An Oklahoma man entered a blind plea Thursday in Cleveland County court to four counts of Peeping Tom associated with putting cameras inside a Starbucks bathroom one year ago.

Colby Ryan Bramlett will be sentenced in February, according to prosecutors.

Investigators said Bramlett placed a small video camera inside a unisex restroom at the Starbucks located on Southwest 19th Street in Moore on November 9, 2018. The device was attached to a wall under the sink and was spotted by a customer.

“The person that found it luckily just happened to look right at it,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis, Moore Police Department. “And it looked kind of odd.”  

Employees turned the camera over to Moore Police.

Officials said the camera was placed under a unisex restroom sink on September 1 and remained hidden for more than two months.

“This was a motion-activated camera,” said Lewis. “So anyone who went in there and activated the camera by moving was videoed.”

Police said the device contained an SD card, which showed several videos of Bramlett placing the cameras inside the restrooms. That evidence showed the camera had been placed not only inside the Starbucks on several occasions but also inside a residential restroom on at least one occasion.

Bramlett admitted to placing the camera inside the restroom, according to investigators.