A 16-year-old allegedly broke both of his legs after leaping from the top of a jet bridge at the Will Rogers World Airport to the ground in an attempt to escape Oklahoma City police. 

Authorities said the teen traveled on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Oklahoma City. They said he has a felony warrant for 2nd degree burglary out of Cleveland County and was expected to be picked up by deputies from the airport. 

According to police, upon arrival the teen exited the plane and slipped through a jet bridge, the bridge that joins the plane with the terminal, and ran across the tarmac.

Police said this initiated a foot pursuit of the suspect. During the pursuit the 16-year-old climbed on top of the roof of the terminal building to another jet bridge before leaping to ground where he injured both of his legs, according to police. 

Airport officials said the teen was under observation during the entire chase. 

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Police have not released any additional information at this time.