GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - Hollywood actors have been seen all over the metro and the state recently. One A-list actor made a buzz on Thursday in Guthrie. 

A movie crew transformed a Guthrie home for a movie starring Matt Damon. The homeowners told News 9 the actor even showed up to meet them.

“It is exciting,” said Brent Biggs, homeowner. “This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to us normally.”   

Brent and Sharlene Biggs' home was picked earlier this year to be part of a film that features Matt Damon and directed by Tom McCarthy. Damon played the part of an unemployed oil rig roughneck from Oklahoma. His estranged daughter is accused of murder in France and he makes it his mission to exonerate her.

The Guthrie home is supposed to be Damon's character's mother-in-law's place. The crew told the Biggs they would need to make a few tweaks to their home for the shoot. 

“They just came in and turned it into a movie set right around us,” said Biggs. “Right in front of our eyes.”   

The crew made changes inside and outside the home.

“Cut our window out and redid it,” said Sharlene Biggs, homeowner. “Yep cut the window out,” said Biggs. “Planted all the plants outside.”  

Scenes were shot in their front and backyard. The scenes included Oklahomans cast as extras, including real police officers and local media. News 9’s Jennifer Pierce took a break from covering crime to play a reporter, a part she said came naturally.

The Biggs said the best part of the day was meeting the star of the movie. They took pictures to prove to family and friends they met Matt Damon.

“We really didn’t know what to say,” said Biggs. “A little star struck? Yeah, a little bit. I didn’t think I would be, and he got me.”  

The movie will be released in the U.S. in 2020.