Three burglars were caught on camera at a home in southwest Oklahoma City, and confronted by the homeowner, but police said the trio got away.

The only link investigators have to the three suspects is their car. The burglars were forced to leave it behind at the home they broke into.

A neighbor said a couple of weeks after a vacant home near Southwest 27th Street and May Avenue caught on fire, he heard banging noises inside the home. His security cameras caught the source of the noise, it was two men and a woman. The neighbor said he called the homeowner to come check it out.

“Somebody who actually belonged at the residence pulled up and saw there were three individuals who had broken into the residence,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department.

The owner went to the back of the home to block in the suspects' car. According to a police report, he then confronted the burglars who told him they had permission to be there.

“He actually asked how they got in there,” said Morgan. “And they said they used a drill to actually take out screws to take a board off one of the windows and make entry into the residence.”  

Police said one of the suspects even admitted they were there to steal copper wiring. Knowing they were caught, the suspects tried to leave but realized their car was trapped in the backyard.

‘They arrived at the location in a blue Mazda 3,” said Morgan. “It was a 2008 blue Mazda 3, which officers do have in custody now.”  

One by one the next-door neighbor's camera caught the suspects leaving by foot. They are described as a white female; a tall, thin Hispanic man; and a bald, heavyset Hispanic man.  Police said they were unable to leave with any of the copper but left plenty of damage inside the home.

“We’re just hoping that somebody can help us identify who these suspects are,” said Morgan.  

The public can leave tips for investigators by calling the Crime Stoppers line at 405-235-7300.