OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman who says she was raped eight years ago, but police did not properly investigate it, is finally getting some answers. 

Back in 2011, Connie Williams said she was raped in Oklahoma City. She lived in Tulsa at the time, so three days later she had Tulsa police do the rape kit. Well, she said police didn’t even begin investigating her case until 2018.

“I’m a walking crime scene” Williams said. 

She said she was at a Bricktown bar with her husband when she believes someone drugged and raped her in a bathroom.

Williams was given a rape kit to test for DNA in Tulsa. That kit was put on a shelf where it sat for years while, Williams said, Oklahoma City police lied to her about investigating the kit.

“I do not trust Oklahoma City Police Department. I do not trust their lab. There were ways that they could have built this trust and they have remained non-transparent with me,” said Williams.

Williams said police told her the kit came back negative and there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue charges.

Turns out, they didn’t even have the kit.

Williams said she also had the dress she wore that night and police never asked for it. It still has stains on it from that night.

“I was contacted last Thursday, a week ago today from Oklahoma City Police department, saying I think we missed some evidence. And I said, yes you did, said Williams.

News 9’s Aaron Brilbeck reached out to the suspected rapist. News 9 is not airing his name, because he has not been charged with a crime.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Um…” the suspect said before hanging up.

The statute of limitations isn’t up, so the suspect can still be charged. 

Thursday, October 10 Williams turned over the dress to police at the state attorney general’s office to be tested. And in exchange, she got an apology.

“I can tell you the case was not handled properly. We have to accept that. 100 percent accountability, and I apologized to the victim in this case,” said Oklahoma City Deputy Chief Jeff Becker.

Williams said, apology accepted. “It was so sincere and so honest. Finally, the right forward step has been taken.”