YUKON, Oklahoma - A once bare brick wall now beams with city pride in Yukon. 

A new mural is making its debut on the side of the Yukon’s Best Flour Mill.

“I love this place,” said artist Carlos Barboza, who lives and grew up in Yukon.

Barboza researched the city’s history, and he came up with a design that captures the city’s heritage and heroes.

The mural was commissioned by the volunteer group “Friends of Yukon’s Best,” which also restored the flour mill sign six years ago.

The mural unofficially titled, “Yukon’s Best” features a Czech Queen, the original Miller mascot, and the city’s most famous miller walking down an original main street.

“I think he’s already iconic enough where you don’t necessarily have to see his face,” said Barboza, about his guitar holding Garth Brooks.

Almost all of the work was done with spray paint. Fine details, like the hair of the Czech Queen, were done with a brush.

Barboza has done a couple of other murals in Yukon, but none bigger than “Yukon Best,” which can be seen from Route 66.

The mural will have permanent lights attached, so it can be seen at night.

The Czech Festival is Saturday, October 5 in Yukon.