NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman woman said she woke up to find a stranger in her bedroom. The man ran away and police said they believe he's done this before. 

Around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 18 Chloe Ferguson was in her bedroom and a stranger was in her roommate’s room.

“She woke up and he was standing in her room and when she gasped, that’s when he bolted,” explained Ferguson.

Ferguson heard the man run through the house and out the door, and that's when she realized what was going on.

Police were there within minutes, because they were down the street investigating another crime.

“We have a few other burglaries in the area this detective tells me may be related,” said Lt. Justin Wishon. “He’s looking into it.”

Lt. Wishon believes the man was able to get into the house with a garage door opener that was left in an outside vehicle. They have security camera video of a man trying to get into a car at another home, and investigators believe he may also be the one who broke into Chloe's home.

A detective assigned to the case is also reaching out to neighbors in the area to see if there's any other surveillance video.

“We’ve identified three maybe four persons of interest we actually want to contact and interview. That way we can narrow down who did this,” said Lt. Wishon.

Police said the man did get away with one set of car keys, but especially concerning is he was inside an occupied home.  

“He walked through the entire house,” explained Ferguson. “He walked past all sorts of valuable items he didn’t touch. He was just looking for car keys and getting in our bedrooms.”

If you recognize the man in the picture or have any information about this call Norman police.