OKLAHOMA CITY - The Civic Center Stars donated $10,000 worth of musical equipment, uniforms and instruments to Oklahoma City Public Schools Thursday. 

Numerous schools benefitted from the donations, including Ridgeview Elementary School.

Before the donation, Ridgeview music teacher Michael Branson would have pick up buckets for his students to use as makeshift drums.

“I went and got five-gallon buckets from the hardware store and our rhythm sticks and we would drum that way,” Branson said.

Thursday, those buckets were replaced with real drums.

“To put a real instrument in their hand really makes a difference,” Branson said.

This is the first time the Civic Center Stars have been able to donate to local schools in this way.

It came at perfect timing for Ridgeview, one of the schools affected by Pathway to Greatness.

“I have 200 more students this year and I want them to be able to have the same educational level that we've always had,” Branson said.

Branson's essay application for new instruments got into the hands of Lynn Pahdoco and other volunteers at the Civic Center.

“This is the first time that we've given this year and it was a very hard decision,” Pahdoco said.

Branson's class is one of many in the OKCPS district to receive an inaugural gift.

“We were able to give to six schools. Some were elementary, some were middle school, and one was high school, for this particular school year,” Pahdoco said.