NORMAN, Oklahoma - What does the offense that has everything do to get better? 

The Sooners lead the country with 677 yards per game, and are top ten in both rushing and passing yards per game.

Co-offensive coordinator Bill Bedenbaugh has some ideas.

"If we would have blocked this guy better, instead of getting five or six yards, we would have gotten 20 yards, that's better," Bedenbaugh said. "If you would have finished this block, if you would have had the right technique, instead of four or five yards, or 10 yards, it's a touchdown, that's what better is."

It could be a tough selling point to the players, but hearing the Sooners speak, they're all in on this yardage machine becoming even more finely tuned.

"Just as a whole, the small things, the details, completing an entire game from 1st quarter all the way to 4th quarter, finishing blocks," redshirt sophomore fullback Jeremiah Hall said.

OU has a bye week before hosting Texas Tech on September 28.