According to a new SoonerPoll, Gov. Kevin Stitt is enjoying high popularity in his first year as the state's chief executive.

Stitt's favorability rating stood at 66.5% in SoonerPoll's most recent poll, with only a 16.9% unfavorability ranking. This is in stark contrast to previous Gov. Mary Fallin's marks in her last year as governor.

One difference between the favorability rankings for Stitt and President Trump is in how favorably the participant views each leader. Of those who participated in this poll, 41% view Trump very favorably as opposed to 30% who view Stitt as such. However, the new Oklahoma governor enjoyed a much higher mark in terms of general favorability, 36.5% to 17.3%.

The state Legislature received surprisingly high favorability marks in the poll with 44.2% rating the state House and Senate as favorable and only 33.8 rating it as unfavorable. The Legislature's marks were higher than favorability marks for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Lottery, which received combined favorables of 35.8% and 40.4%, respectively.

And of those asked, 54.5% of participants said the state of Oklahoma was headed in the right direction. Only 25.3% said the state was headed in the wrong direction.