OKLAHOMA CITY - The pushback against Oklahoma’s new open carry law is growing.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt said in a tweet he doesn't support the law, which takes effect November 1.


Now, members from two city councils are thinking about joining the opposition. However, there is a race against time.

House Representative Jason Lowe initiated a referendum petition to do away with the new law. Lowe's petition needs almost 60,000 signatures by the end of the month to get on the ballot.

One Oklahoma City councilor is doing what she can to support Lowe, and prevent permitless carry at the local level. She plans to introduce that plan next week.

“A resolution that if passed, would communicate that the city council would support the referendum petition to veto HB 2597,” said JoBeth Hamon, Councilwoman. “If the does petition does get enough signatures, then the law does not go into effect November 1st.” 

Permitless carry passed both chambers earlier this year, and was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt in February. It allows for anyone age 21 and over to carry a firearm without a permit.

Second amendment supporters said that Holt’s actions have gone too far. They sent the following statement.




But Oklahoma City isn’t the only city considering action.

City of Norman Mayor Breea Clark openly voiced her opposition in a Facebook post from August 8.

Also, the City of Stillwater sent out a press release, and will hold a meeting Monday to discuss options. Click here to read the full press release.