OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators are searching for a man and woman who allegedly used children to help commit larceny. 

Last week, Oklahoma City police officers responded to a shoplifting call at Penn Square Mall, but it wasn’t the typical case.

“The employee said that it appears they used the two young juveniles as a pawn in this scheme,” OKC Police Sgt. Megan Morgan said.

Police said the man and woman used young children to steal several pairs of sunglasses.

Police posted photos of the suspects to Facebook.

“A citizen actually pointed out to us, it appears these same suspects are responsible for a larceny that we put out last week this was the larceny of a gift card at a local store. The suspects matched the description down to the shower cap,” Morgan said, describing a leopard shower cap the female suspect is seeing wearing in both videos.

Footage was taken at the Dollar Store on Southwest 59th Street and posted to Facebook earlier this month, showing two people committing the gift card theft.

“It definitely appears to be the same people, down to a very significant goatee the male has. It's very distinct,” Morgan said.

Anyone with information on who the suspects could be is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.