OKLAHOMA CITY - The three-mile OKC Boulevard is forever linked to the Interstate 40 crosstown. 

Not just because the Boulevard is located in the space of the old I-40 crosstown, but because they were a part of the same Oklahoma Department of Transportation project.

“We cannot turn over the agreement to the City for the boulevard and the crosstown lights, until all the project is entirely finished and that will be another month,” said ODOT Spokesperson Terri Angier.

Light hasn't been returned to all the black holes thieves created on the new I-40 crosstown.

I-40 and May Avenue is a still a trouble spot.

“We are waiting on some parts to finish,” said Angier.

Thieves on the OKC Boulevard, west of Western Avenue, have struck time and time again.

Copper wiring in the lights is being replaced with aluminum.

Anti-theft boxes at the base of the lights are being used.

The City started working closely with police on the issue to crackdown on aluminum being scrapped illegally.

“A lot of the systems are getting upgraded before they are turned over,” said OKC Public Works Director Eric Wenger.

Meanwhile, street signals at the intersection still have to be completed.

Landscaping, which the city will plant and maintain, will happen toward the end of the year, when it’s not so hot.