A 40-year-old Blanchard man is accused of concealing a half million dollars of stolen goods on his property. 

Grady County Sheriff’s investigators said Justin Anderson filed a bogus report back in January, claiming his pickup truck had been stolen. 

After learning the report was fraud, Sgt. Bellan Gornick obtained a search warrant. He said once he got on Anderson’s property, he found hundreds of thousands of dollars of stolen items, ranging from expensive tools, to stripped down vehicles, to four-wheelers, to guns and oil field equipment.

“I’ve been able to link it with 31 property crimes throughout the state, through Stillwater to Kingfisher County, Garvin County, Caddo County,” said Sgt. Gornick.  

Sgt. Gornick believes Anderson had accomplices. He said U.S. Marshals caught up to Anderson, who’s a convicted felon, two weeks ago in Oklahoma City. Sgt. Gornick said Anderson was in possession of more stolen merchandise and several grams of meth.

Sgt. Gornick said investigators also recovered 85-year-old Eunice Rodgers’ rare coin collection. He believes Anderson has burglarized Rodgers’ property twice since just before Christmas. 

Rodgers hopes prosecutors throw the book at Anderson.

“I think he should be treated just like he has murdered somebody, because he’s taken all my confidence,” she said. “I’ve never been afraid to stay here, and I’ve lived here since 1949. He took my dignity,” she said.