NOBLE, Oklahoma - It's been just over a week since 31 people were killed in the mass shootings of Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. 

In the wake of those two tragedies, an Oklahoma tech company, “Prove My Profile,” is offering a new solution to try and prevent violence before it happens. 

Through the 4S Project, “See Something Say Something,” the company can scan thousands of webpages each day to identify critical threats in selected areas. The CEO has decided to offer this service to both public and private schools free of charge for their basic service.

The CEO hopes 4S will save lives.

“After the fact is too late. We have to be able to get this information before the fact, before the incident happens,” said CEO John Vogt.

He said the system is designed to pick up on everything from threats on social media, to inappropriate relationships between a teacher and student, and other violent crimes.

“This system because of the artificial intelligence involved, it can actually read and digest the conversations it picks up on the social media feed. It can see a potentially risky situation coming,” said Vogt.

He added it also respects privacy law.

Algorithms are detected in pictures, text and audio on the public internet. Then, 4S alerts the proper local agency, so that it may investigate.

The tech company is based in Noble, Oklahoma, but the service is now offered in eight states.

“We are able to pick those up and get them into the hands of the right agency so they can check them out, and see if those are legitimate threats,” said Vogt.

Rather than waiting until after an incident, the tech is meant to be proactive. People can make anonymous tips if they notice anything suspicious.

“Every school district, public and private, in the United States already has a profile on our system. We have already downloaded that from the Federal Department of Education,” said Vogt.

The company said it takes about an hour to register. Additional services are available at an additional cost.

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