OKLAHOMA CITY - There are new developments in the renaming controversy over two Oklahoma City schools that are merging for the new school year. 

The renaming of North East High School to Classen School of Advanced Studies has been a constant clash since the news of the merger, and now it's being taken to a new level.

According to the Oklahoman, Oklahoma City Public Schools filed a notice Tuesday to take the case from Oklahoma County District Court to federal court. 

In July, school board member Charles Henry and many others from the east side argued that the renaming of Northeast Academy to Classen School of Advanced Studies undermines the history of the school, and that they never had any input into the name change. Henry, filed a lawsuit against the district saying proper protocol to have a public comment and board vote for the name change never happened. 

The District argues the board voted on March 4th to change the name for Northeast Academy, and other schools involved in the district's consolidation plan.

Oklahoma City is the first district to head back to school on Monday.