OKLAHOMA CITY - A serial burglar on a crime spree across the metro was taken off the streets, according to metro authorities. 

Police said Steven Gary, 25, was caught just as his dangerous behavior started to escalate.

Photos posted on the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Facebook page helped end Gary's crime spree.

The accused serial burglar was caught on camera in Northwest Oklahoma City helping himself to a drink out of a homeowner's refrigerator. After that, and according to court documents, Gary allegedly "took in excess of $10,000 of prescription medication and inhalers," along with $600 in jewelry belonging to the same victim.

Detectives from the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office, Warr Acres and Nichols Hills saw the photos and recognized the suspect from burglaries they were investigating.

“They immediately started making calls to the Oklahoma City tip line to let them know that we were also looking for that individual and we had him identified,” said Chief Steven Cox, Nichols Hills Police Department.

Cox said a Nichols Hills resident recently reported an attempted burglary and posted their security video to the Next Door app. That prompted other residents to make burglary reports.

“We decided we needed to do everything we could to find this person as quickly as possible,” said Cox.

He said a victim caught the tag number on Gary's vehicle and that led detectives to their suspect in Payne County. Gary was brought back to the Oklahoma County Jail. 

“Criminals cross jurisdictional lines all the time,” said Cox. “When we can work together with other agencies to collaborate and give details of the way crimes are committed it makes it a lot easier for us to track someone down.”

Police believe Gary may be also responsible for a number of unsolved burglaries in the metro.