EL RENO, Oklahoma - Those who still haven't applied for FEMA disaster assistance are still in luck. The state has asked FEMA to extend applications for another two weeks.

FEMA said more than 5,000 people have applied for federal help from all across the state. So far, the agency has awarded more than $65 million to Oklahoma storm victims to repair tornado and flood damage from storms that hit the state May 7 through June 9, officials said.

While FEMA said they believe they have almost everyone covered, these extra two weeks will be important for those who haven't made a decision yet.

Once FEMA makes a decision on your application, people will receive a determination letter estimating how much money they could get, or if they have been denied and why.

The determination letter spells out how to appeal the process, if they have either been denied or if they feel that the estimate they were given is insufficient for what they need.

The FEMA Disaster Assistance deadline is now August 14.