OKLAHOMA CITY - Igniting hope in Oklahoma City, that’s the idea behind a new nonprofit group. The faith-based group wants to be a bridge for those who have fallen through the cracks of society. Sex trafficking victims, recovering drug addicts and kids aging out of foster care are just a few of groups Ignite 405 hopes to help.

Each Sunday, Sarah Dryer and a small group of women leave behind the walls of the Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center to attend The Church, located on South May Avenue.

“This church has helped me a lot, they're always there for me, they pray for me and you know it's a family,” said Dryer.

A recovering drug addict, Dryer is ready for a new life and through the ministry she receives here, she believes it can happen.

“I do have a whole life ahead of me,” Dryer said. “I will not be walking in my footsteps anymore. I will be walking in God's footsteps.”

It's also through this ministry and a passion for change that Ignite 405 was born.

“The idea of transitional ministry is not new to us, we see the issues in our society day in and day out,” said Abby Akerman, church member and director of Ignite 405.

Through Ignite 405, the nonprofit hopes to purchase a small, 48-unit apartment complex to provide four different faith based transitional living programs to families and individuals. It also plans to purchase empty storefronts to open small businesses to train and provide employment to its clients.

“To have a dream is very unrealistic for them, and we want to partner with them so they can discover what their dream is and really just help them live that out,” Akerman said.

For Sarah, now two years sober, that dream is closer to becoming a reality, as she looks forward to having her children back and living as a family.

“With this program we can have a roof over our head not only a place to live but we can have resources that can help me to get a job,” said Dryer. “I have a future ahead of me and I’m excited.”

Under Ignite 405, the Thrive Oklahoma program will exist. This program works to help prevent children from being removed from their families due to the lack of basic needs and resources, or due to being at risk of homelessness.

“In the Book of John, it says that “the light will shine in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it” and so we just want to be a light in our community,” said Akerman.

Ignite 405 is looking for financial and community partners to help fulfill their mission. To help, click here.