OKLAHOMA CITY - A local service for early childhood development is returning to its roots. 

Rainbow Fleet is now stocking a van full of books and toys to take to more than 67,000 local kids.

For 45 years, the nonprofit has offered up educational books, toys and games along with professional advice from their office in the Paseo District. Thanks to help from private donors, for the first time in more than 30 years, the fleet is back on the street.

"People in the community may not know that Rainbow Fleet was founded with a fleet of vans and they don't know exactly where our name came from, but this does actually bring it back to our roots and gets us out in the community," said Carrie Williams, Rainbow Fleet’s Executive Director. "It's really just an awesome resource."

The van is stocked full of supplies for a variety of needs, and staff members constantly rotate what is on board. Every tool under the Rainbow has a purpose. 

"Every time we go visit a facility, we have something different to offer them. Things like ‘Hands Are Not For Hitting’, ‘Teeth Are Not For Biting’, things that are really beneficial for childcare providers that are trying to teach children in their care to use their hands and their bodies appropriately," said Williams. 

An ever-expanding specialty at the center is special needs. Rainbow Fleet provides various tools and toys for children of all backgrounds. 

Williams explained, "Instead of buying something that they need for just a short amount of time until they master that skill, they can just check it out at Rainbow Fleet."

For $40 a year, day cares, babysitters and even families can rent up to 10 items for up to a month at a time.

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