The Oklahoma Department of Health said that while being in a hot car is dangerous for everyone, for young children it could be life threatening.
The OSDH says 50 percent of heat related deaths among children are due to distracted care-givers or drivers. The agency is urging all parents to be mindful while your children are in the car.

They are giving tips like look before you lock, take children out of the vehicle before unloading other items, and use your cell phone's alert system to set a reminder to take your child out of the car.

During the hottest days of the year, the temperature inside a car can rise up to 140 degrees. That's why the health department said they will keep pushing warnings about how a hot car can impact a child much worse, and faster than an adult.

"Their body temperature increases three to five times faster than adults' body temperatures increase. So infants and children four and younger are even at a heightened risk of heat-related death," said Avy Redus, a injury prevention coordinator at the Department of Health.
According to the Department of Health, if a child is spotted alone in a locked, parked car, you're allowed by law to force your way into the vehicle to rescue the child. They then advise to immediately call 911.