OKLAHOMA CITY - The current NASA administrator and Oklahoma native is remembering the state’s contributions to Apollo 11 as the mission marks its 50th anniversary.  

Jim Bridenstine told News 9 Oklahomans should be proud of the state’s contributions to space.

“All of the external components of the Saturn rockets that tool Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon were built in Oklahoma,” Bridenstine said. “But not just on that mission, but on every mission after that up to Apollo 17, those components were built in Oklahoma.”

According to the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma is the only state in the county to have an astronaut in every American-manned space program.

“Oklahoma does have an impressive history with the Apollo program and that’s the legacy on which today we are building the next generation lunar and mars missions,” Bridenstine said.

Museums across the state are marking the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing with activities.

Science Museum Oklahoma hosts hands-on activities including rocket launching, hovercrafts, experiments with centripetal force.

The Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford, named in honor of legendary test pilot and astronaut, Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford, has more than 3,500 artifacts on display.

The Tulsa Air And Space Museum also has a special exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary planned for July 18. Mayor G.T. Bynum will be planting a ceremonial lunar flag as part of the celebration.