POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating after a couple allegedly abandoned their six dogs in their trailer home when they moved out, leaving the dogs without food or water.  

“I’d say the Yorkie didn’t have another day. She was so heavily dehydrated,” said Maeghan Hadley Olsen of 1 Day Ranch. “They would not have made it through today, because of the fact it’s gotten so hot today.”

Tuesday, they look happy, well fed and playful. But Sunday, when they were first brought into 1 Day Ranch animal rescue after being left alone in a trailer home in Meeker without food, water or air conditioning, they were covered with ticks and fleas; were severely dehydrated; and their fur was so matted it had to be shaved off several of the dogs.

“That didn’t happen in the week they were left there. This was a year or more at that point of just not caring,” said Olsen.

Neighbors didn’t want to go on camera but said the couple that owns the dogs regularly left them for days at a time.

There was some food in the house.

“That was poured through the windows by neighbors. Food wasn’t even left there,” said Olsen.

Inside, Olsen said, the place was trashed.

“It was disgusting. The carpet was just completely soaked with urine. There was feces all over the place. It was obvious they had packed up their stuff and left,” said Olsen.

News 9 isn’t naming the couple, because they haven’t been charged yet.

A couple claiming to be the owners pulled up while a News 9 crew was at the house, but they took off when asked for a comment.

The folks at 1 Day Ranch hope the judge makes an example of them.

“These dogs do did not choose these owners. These owners chose the dogs. So, that’s not my problem,” said Olsen.

From here, once the dogs are back up to weight again, they’ll be put up for fostering then hopefully put up for adoption right after that. 

If you’d like to help with the care of the dogs or any of the animals rescued by 1 Day Ranch, log on to: https://www.1dayranch.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/1DayRanch/.