OKLAHOMA CITY - The city council is expected to approve plans to demolish Oklahoma City's old jail, courthouse and police headquarters Tuesday morning.

 All three of these locations have been empty for years, and one of the main plans if this passes, is to turn this entire complex into parking.

According to our partners at the journal record, the old city jail, police headquarters and municipal court building near Shartel Avenue and Couch Drive, haven't been used since the new facilities opened within the last four years.

And while the buildings are believed to be structurally sound, officials said there is a large number of problems inside the entire complex. 
This includes problems with its sewer systems, electrical and mechanical systems, and also with its roof and windows.

Initially city hall proposed plans to revitalize the complex, however the only two proposals by contractors either failed or were rejected. 

The city's finance director Brent Bryant said the construction of new buildings including the current Police headquarters, took away more than 200 parking spaces. Bryant said


  freeing up this space would add about 166 new spaces, and that funding has already been set aside.

If the city council approves the demolition plan, like they're expected to, the city will begin taking bids to tear the complex down.