LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies ended a crime spree that, they said, was committed by a group of teenagers. 

Investigators said last week, the teens stole more than $20,000 worth of items from cars and homes, including 30 guns and the safes they were in. 

Police said the kids broke into at least 10 different cars and several homes. 

“Yeah, you feel violated. Very violated. I mean, they were in your house and touched all kinds of things. They opened and rifled through everything. There’s no way to describe the feeling,” said one victim.

The victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said the teens stole 13 guns from her along with jewelry, cash, food and even her daughter’s clothes.

“That’s creepy. Really creepy. I mean, she’s 13, so I can only imagine how she feels to know that somebody touched all of her clothes and went through her room. Strangers. That’s just, it’s very unsettling,” she said.

The victim said the teens even locked her dog up in the chicken coop to keep him quiet.

Police said the teens even stole a huge gun safe filled with guns.

How’d they move it? They apparently also stole a van from a funeral home. It had rollers in it like a hearse does.

“They needed the van, because it made an excellent vehicle to move the safes in. You know they just loaded it up in there like you would a casket,” said Capt. Larry Stover with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

“You know, knowing the size of these suspects, it was kind of hard for me to believe they could move something like that out of there. But they did,” said Capt. Stover.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s investigators tracked the teens down with the help of Oklahoma County deputies and Oklahoma City police.

Three of the suspects are under age, so their names haven’t been released. The fourth is 19-year-old Daisy Silas of Lincoln County. 

Only four of the stolen guns have been recovered.

The victim News 9 spoke with said the teens took more than just stuff; they took her sense of security.

“You don’t tear up other people’s stuff. You don’t violate someone else like that.  I mean, that’s just bad raising I guess.”