The Oklahoma City Fire Department responded to 18 calls related to fireworks from Thursday to Friday.

No one was injured during the fires, but there was some significant structural damage.

Unless permitted, fireworks are illegal in Oklahoma City.

“It’s a criminal act. There are dangers that go along with fireworks. People either get injured by using them improperly or every once in a while, something will get set on fire inadvertently,” Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

On or around the Fourth of July, firefighters in Oklahoma City responded to 11 trash fires, six grass fires and one house fire. All of these incidents were related to fireworks.

Fire investigators said a home in northwest Oklahoma City caught fire due to discarded fireworks.

A working alarm system helped everyone inside get out of the home safely.

Investigators report an estimated $25,000 in damages were done to the home.

Police said this is the type of thing they're trying to prevent.

“If you do not have a permit, you cannot possess them or set them off in city limits of Oklahoma City. It is a misdemeanor crime. You can be cited for it and the fireworks confiscated,” Knight said.