OKLAHOMA CITY - An intense police response involving two metro department’s to an alleged shooter was caught on a Village police officer’s body camera.

Oklahoma City police received a call on Wednesday from a woman claiming Tiahmo Draine, 47,  fired at her in the parking lot of a convenience store at southwest 89th Street and May Avenue.

The woman told police Draine trailed her for miles in his truck after she left the convenience store. Draine allegedly fired more shots while they were driving on the Lake Hefner Parkway.

Officers spotted Draine's truck and pursued him onto Britton Road. The Village police were called in as back-up. An officer’s body camera was rolling as dozens of Oklahoma City and Village officers surrounded Draine in front of a home in the Village.

“It was scary for sure because I was in bed,” said Eloise Wright, witness.  


“I came to the front window and saw a truck parked behind my car, an old beat up truck,” said Aaron Tuck, a second witness. “And there were so many police officers coming out it almost looked like a SWAT team sort of.”

Tuck said he told officers he had no idea what was going on or why Draine stopped in front of his home.  

“They eventually came and knocked on our door and said ‘Hey you ever seen this vehicle before?,” said Tuck. “Obviously we hadn’t. They just sent us back inside.”   

Police said Draine walked in front of his truck and ducked down avoiding officers' commands.  

Officers were able to take Draine into custody and during a search of his truck they discovered drugs, ID's, credit cards and social security cards not in his name. They also found a pistol.

“When officers ran the serial number on the gun,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “They found that it was reported stolen out of Midwest City.”

Draine was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on a number of felony offenses.