CALVIN, Oklahoma - A vacation to Hawaii turned terrifying for an Oklahoma family after their rental burst into flames Sunday. The fire was captured on video from other drivers on the freeway in Honolulu. 

Jordan Carlton and his mom Becky, both of Calvin, Oklahoma, were in the car when something went terribly wrong.

“To the best of our understanding, they were going down the highway and the brakes went out. The car pretty much just caught fire, pretty much burst into flames,” said Pastor Kurtis Stoll with Calvary First Baptist Church in Calvin.

Stoll has been getting updates from the family. He told News 9, Jordan told his mom to get out when the vehicle caught fire. She bailed with the car going around 40 miles per hour, but is in good condition. 

Jordan's injuries are much more serious. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition with burns over the majority of his body.

Video from the scene shows Jordan still standing after another driver used a fire extinguisher on him to put out the flames.

“Everyone wants to do something and all we can do is just pray,” said Stoll.

The family’s church is collecting donations to give to the family. You can send donations to Calvary First Baptist Church in Calvin. The address is P.O. Box 37 Calvin, OK 74531. You can also call the church at 405-645-2494.