OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City-County Health Department is hearing from residents wondering when they are going to start spraying for mosquitoes. 

News 9 caught up with one department employee in Edmond going door to door at a shopping center, hoping to put up posters.

The posters remind people to get rid of standing water around the home, to wear long sleeves and to use repellent with Deet.

The OKC-County Health Department says the mosquito population is normal right now, thanks to our rainy spring.

“The torrential rains were actually beneficial to us, keeping the larva washed out of those stagnant areas for so many weeks,” says Ken Johnson with the OKC-County Health Department.

Meanwhile, the department says Oklahoma gets too windy to spray for mosquitoes effectively. However, if the mosquito population gets too large, it will spray in certain areas.