DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Last week, 59-year-old Annie Durham was accused of setting her neighbor’s house on fire. Now, the Del City woman finds herself in even more trouble. 

Durham is now also accused of shooting up that same house before lighting it on fire. Firefighters said they caught Durham on camera committing the crimes.

The odd twist, those security cameras belonged to the suspect, according to investigators.

“Our fire investigators in reviewing the footage, not only did they capture her allegedly starting the fire, they also found several incidents allegedly pointing a firearm and discharging it into the neighboring house,” said Fire Chief Brandon Pursell.

Neighbors told firefighters that Durham had a hostile relationship with her neighbor

According to court document, Durham stated (the victim) had recently tried to file a complaint on her for cutting and throwing limbs in his yard.

Others in the neighborhood said that the crime has recently been overwhelming.

“When I got home, my neighbor told me that the lady two streets down had started a fire,” said Dwayne Kaluahine. “I got two little babies, and I don't them growing up around hoodlums, teaching them how to steal. Then nowadays, drugs, they are everywhere.”

He added that there have been a rash of car-burglaries recently.

As for the fire, it happened June 10 on Becker Place. The burned house had already been condemned before the fire.

Firefighters said the City will decide what comes next for the property.