OKLAHOMA CITY - Multiple injuries were reported late last week at Frontier City. 

Marlena Perry said she was visiting the park with her children Sunday. According to Perry, she experienced back pain following the log ride. 

“I slid backwards and there was supposed to be a padded seat in the back, and unfortunately the seat was broken, and I slammed into the pole,” Perry said.

Perry said she went to the doctor.

“They said I have a sprain in my back, my lower back,” Perry said.

A Frontier City spokesperson sent a statement reading quote:

"As far as the incident yesterday, the safety of our guests is always our top priority and the log vehicle was immediately inspected and found to be operating normally."

This was one of two incidents from late last week in Frontier City.

Witnesses say a father and son from Moore were injured on the Wild Cat rollercoaster Friday.

Frontier City released a statement regarding that incident stating:

"Friday afternoon two guests were struck by a falling tree limb while riding one of our coasters. Park medical staff and local paramedics responded immediately. One guest was transferred to the hospital for further evaluation and the other was treated for minor injuries. The safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority and the ride was closed for a full inspection."