OKLAHOMA CITY - Renderings of the MAPS 4 projects that will go in front of voters were recently released. But one idea getting major support in polling doesn't have any fancy pictures at the moment. It includes a MAPS component to help those who suffer from addiction and mental illness. 

One county commissioner says giving jail inmates suffering from addiction and mental illness a place to find treatment is the reason she ran for office in November.

District 1 Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert is pushing for a new facility, which would be paid for through MAPS 4.

“If you are suffering from mental illness, a jail cell is a not a therapeutic environment,” said Commissioner Blumert.

The commissioner doesn't have a price tag or a location for the facility but believes it would go next to where a new jail could be built.

The commissioner says she'll have more details in her presentation to OKC City Council in August, when many proposals will be heard by the public.

Commissioner Blumert is now researching operations funding and how other cities operate similar facilities.

“There are agencies in Oklahoma County that already providing this kind of treatment, there is just no space in the jail to do any of that,” said Commissioner Blumert.

In a MAPS 4 poll taken over the last few months, the mental health component had the highest approval rate, according to Commissioner Blumert.