OKLAHOMA CITY - A good Samaritan stepped in on Thursday to help a man badly beaten during a home invasion in Northwest Oklahoma City. 

Witnesses told police they saw three men kick in the victim's door. When they left, the victim ran to a nearby business for help.

“He was just standing there all beat up and bloody,” said Daniel Hague, witness.   

Hague works across the street from the victim's apartment complex on Melrose Lane near Rockwell Avenue. He was sitting in his office when he heard a cry for help.

“I guess he ran into the shop and was yelling somebody call 911,” said Hague. “Call an ambulance.”  

Hague knew the man would need medical care, so he offered him a chair and called 911. 

“I said, ‘Man what happened, are you OK?’” said Hague. “He said these guys kicked in my door and beat me up, pistol whipped me in the back of the head.”

The victim told police he was asleep on his sofa when the suspects busted through his door. He said they hit him in the head, neck and back eight to 10 times with a gun.

“While they were in there,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “They said something about believing he had sexually assaulted somebody, and they were going to come over there and take care of it themselves.”

The victim recognized two of the men as "D" and "Little Man." Police later identified one of them as 33-year-old Julian Nolan.

Investigators located Nolan at a nearby apartment complex. He was arrested and booked into jail on complaints of first-degree burglary and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Police did not locate the two other suspects.

The victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated, thanks to this good Samaritan’s help.

“I felt terrible for him, yeah,” said Hague.  

Hague said he witnessed the suspects run into an apartment across the street. He said he could even see one of them look out a window.