PAULS VALLEY, Oklahoma - OG&E crews are scrambling to return power to 4,000 Pauls Valley residents. OG&E says power may not return until Friday. 

In the meantime, the mayor of Pauls Valley is imposing a citywide curfew.

That curfew will take effect at midnight. By doing so, police hope to keep criminals at bay.

“Power poles down, power lines down we had a lot of roads closed,” said Pauls Valley Asst. Police Chief Derrick Jolley.

Jolley said much of the town rallied together during the storm's aftermath. 

“Community did pull together through a lot of this, you drive around throughout the day and see numerous people helping their neighbor,” said Jolley.

But crooks were lurking, ready to cash in.

“Once the power went out in the early morning hours, we had thefts, we had burglaries,” said Jolley.

He said without power, some residents have opted to seek shelter out of town.

“We have talked to a few people who are seeking hotels out of town. We don’t know when the power will be back on,” said Jolley.

He says that's why a midnight curfew will be strictly enforced.

“They don’t need to set and worry about fixing their homes, cleaning up their property and wondering if someone is there stealing their stuff,” said Jolley.

He said anyone out passed the midnight curfew will be stopped and questioned by police.

“If you’re going to work, if you’re coming home from work, you’re going to be fine,” said Jolley.