OKLAHOMA CITY - A road rage incident on Monday landed a metro man in jail. 

Police said Marshall Langley, 28, is accused of pulling a gun on another driver and the man's 11-year-old son.

Police arrested Langley for pointing a firearm, and said he also had warrants in Oklahoma County for first-degree burglary and robbery.

The drivers were near Southwest 49th Street and Land Avenue when tempers flared. The victim told 911 dispatchers he peeled out at a stop sign and that must have been what set off Langley.

Caller: “My son’s like, get out of here, get out of here. I was like guys all I did was my tires spun in water and they hauled up, ran me off the road in the neighborhood.”   

He reported that Langley sped in front of him and blocked the roadway. The angry father said what happened next is why he got police involved.

Caller: “He walked up to my 12-year-old or he’s 11 and put a gun in his face while we were in the car. Then, he realized it was a kid and he backed up, but still it doesn’t matter.”

Once they got away to call for help, the victim noticed the accused gunman and several other people at a home across the street from his.

Caller: “They’re outside with their guns watching my house.”

He led officers to the suspect's location. That is where police said they found a loaded gun under the driver side seat of a car.

“Although he clearly had a gun,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “He denied pointing the gun at the kid, but the victims were able to give a very good description of not only the suspect but of the gun he had.”   

Langley was arrested at the home and police have this reminder for the public.

“It’s just another example of what can happen when you’re out driving and you become involved in some sort of disagreement with another driver,” said MSgt. Knight. “You just never know who has a gun.”  

Neighbors said the home where Langley was arrested is a known drug house and was recently raided by authorities.