EL RENO, Oklahoma - Storms postponed a benefit concert for victims of the May 25 El Reno tornado Sunday, but not for long.

The community came out for the El Reno Strong Benefit at the Denny Crump Rodeo Arena.

Coyette Chambers and her Haywire Band did what they do best, performed on stage to help the tornado victims from El Reno. Her reason for hosting the event was clear.

“Because I can,” said musician Coyette Chambers. “I have the band and the means. I’m from here and I have friends that want to come out too.”

Chambers put together the benefit concert with other local musicians, all volunteering their time to raise money.

“We’re just excited all these musicians came out today to do this, what a great day,” said El Reno Mayor Matt White.

However, just as Chambers finished her first song, the reason they were all there threatened the town again. Tornado sirens blared over the music. Mayor White evacuated the arena and sent people to nearby shelters.


Once the tornado threat passed, the people returned and the music continued, despite the rain.

“When you’ve got good people that care about other good people, it’s just a good combination, just a recipe for great things to happen,” said Mayor White.

“You just never know until something happens what really great people are in this world,” Chambers said.

The money raised Sunday will be added to the cities go fund me account which is now just over $85,000.