EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond driver was arrested after crashing her convertible into an Edmond dispensary. 

The incident was captured on surveillance video Tuesday afternoon. The driver, Leslie Peake, 57, appears to be asleep behind the wheel. Police arrested her for suspicion of DUI.             

The store manager was in the back room when he heard what sounded like two explosions.  

“Went through two of our cases and smashed our back shelving and all the mirrors,” said Ziggy’s Edmond store manager Chase Uhl.

Uhl came running out of the back room to find a vehicle parked inside the store.

“A BMW just barreled through the middle of our store,” said Uhl.

Surveillance cameras captured the BMW convertible slowly rolling through the glass storefront.

“I think she fell asleep at the wheel, so she kept going. She wasn’t with it enough to stop,” said Uhl.

Even after crashing through glass, the driver clearly remains asleep behind the wheel. It's not until she crashes into a second wall that she’s startled awake.

“They went through the front door hard and then kept going and hit right here,” said Uhl.

Peake appears dazed and confused.

“She was trying to piece it all together. I think, why am I in the middle of the store you know?” said Uhl.

Peake eventually exited her crumpled sports car and gave some indication as to why she was passed out.

“She said she thinks she was asleep is what she told me, she had a pill bottle in her lap, I assume its pharmaceutical,” said Uhl.

Peake was treated for minor injuries then arrested.

Uhl said Peake had not been shopping at the store. She initially told police she was driving when she made a wrong turn.  

The store was empty at the time of the crash.