GARVIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - News 9 has told you about tremendous flooding along the Cimarron River in recent weeks. Now, the Washita River may soon claim a house in Garvin County. 

When Jesse Wilmot and his wife Cindy bought the house in the mid-1970s just north of Maysville, back then, the Washita River was more than a mile from the home. But now, because of erosion, it’s just 35 yards from the edge of the Wilmot’s swimming pool to the drop off to the Washita River.

“If our house gets hit by a tornado or it burns down, we’re covered,” said Jesse Wilmot. “But the little fine print of an ‘act of God’ gives them a cop out or excuse to not have to pay for anything. I wish the Oklahoma Insurance Group would force insurance companies to drop that line, you know, because God didn’t cause this.”

Jesse says the family farm used to stretch across 150 acres. Now, he says only 30 acres are fit to farm on.