PRAGUE, Oklahoma - Nearly two weeks ago, floodwaters almost claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy in Prague, Oklahoma. Monday, June 10, Prague’s City Council recognized the “guardian angels” who saved the boy’s life.  

Torren Jackson was riding his bike in the rain, when floodwaters pushed him into a ditch, and into a metal tinhorn. Jackson would have shot through hat culvert and under Prague’s main highway, but he held onto his bike, which was lodged at the mouth of the tinhorn.

Tinker Air Force Base Veteran Eric Whitesel and the boys’ uncle Casey Fite saved Jackson’s life by pulling the bike from the culvert.

“I don’t think one person would have been able to do it without some help, because of the situation with the rushing water,” said Whitesel.  

Whitesel says the true hero was Torren’s little brother Teggan, who was the first to summon help.