OKLAHOMA CITY - Tuesday, OKC City Council announced the dates of four public meetings it will hold to discuss potential MAPS 4 projects

The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9.  A former city councilman fears that city leaders will make the mistake of not including operations and maintenance costs in MAPS 4 projects.

“We continue to only put capital into MAPS and not operations and maintenance,” says Ed Shadid.

Shadid points to a poll. It says 57% of those surveys believe a portion of the MAPS 4 penny sales tax should go to operations of maintenance of projects.

“It’s no secret we've run into those challenges with MAPS 3,” says Mayor David Holt, about operating costs.

The mayor says similar to MAPS 1, MAPS 4 will have money set aside for operations.

"In MAPS 1 there was basically some endowment that did help with those operational costs. So, I have returned to that concept for MAPS 4,” adds Mayor Holt.

Shadid prefers a larger financial resource and claims there is a growing coalition that would like to see a quarter of the MAPS 4 penny-tax to be used for maintenance and operations costs of parks and transit.