OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are investigating an alleged molestation inside a Walgreens at Southwest 29th Street and May Avenue. The 9-year-old victim told police the suspect approached him in the store’s toy aisle.

Police said Nathan Manus, 22, was watching the boy and his mother while they were in the store. Manus approached the boy while he was alone looking at toys.

“It’s not unusual for someone who is wanting to commit that type of a crime to try and hang out in an area where children are often left alone,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.  

According to the report, Manus tried to get the boy's attention by talking to him. The boy told investigators he ignored Manus, but the man walked up behind him. While behind the boy, Manus grabbed his hand and then allegedly touched him inappropriately.

“We always tell kids in a situation like that to run, yell and tell,” said MSgt. Knight. “That’s exactly what he did.”

Police said the boy pointed out to his mother the stranger who touched him, and she called police.

The woman reported seeing Manus leave the store and walk to a nearby McDonald’s. Officers found Manus inside the McDonalds and said the 9-year-old and his parent positively identified him.

“They were able to take him into custody without incident,” said MSgt. Knight. “Obviously a very upsetting thing for not only the child but for the child’s mother. But she did everything right, so did the child.”  

Manus does not have a prior record, and police said they have never arrested him. He is in the Oklahoma County Jail on one complaint of lewd acts with a child.