CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Weeks ago, Bobby Lee Rogers was found guilty for the murder of his girlfriend, Jillian Riddle. Her body was found at a home in Moore back in 2016. 

A jury found Rogers guilty in a matter of minutes, according to state prosecutors. 

Tuesday, May 28 Rogers was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole at the Cleveland County courthouse.

Family of the victim said this is the sentence they had hoped for. They said it’s the closest thing to a life for a life.

“It has been two years, eight months and nine days since she died. Since that day,” said Celia Huntley, the victim’s cousin. “I am done. I’m glad to put him out of my mind. I forgive him, but I will never think of him again.”

In court, the state made its case that Rogers has a history of domestic violence, citing multiple victims. The judge also said it was apparent that Rogers was struggling with addiction, and if he didn't get his way, he became violent.

Huntley said she still feels Jillian’s absence each and every day.

“Forever, it's unreal on how much you can actually miss somebody,” said Huntley. “Singing to them, talking to them, and then just nothing. It's something I would never wish on anybody.”

Rogers did not say much during sentencing, or outside of the courtroom. His attorney has filed for an appeal.

Family said they are confident his sentence will be upheld.