BLANCHARD, Oklahoma - Cleanup is underway in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Blanchard after residents say crude oil rained down on at least a dozen homes.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is aware of the incident. Neighbors say they have been on site surveying the damage and asking questions.

"Riding my bike out in the street and my eyes just starting burning and at that point the neighbors were like, hey I have oil all over my stuff,” said resident Daniel Kennedy.

Homeowner Daniel Kennedy says he was outside Tuesday night when suddenly oil rained down covering his property and even pets.

“My kids play equipment, our ACs, windows ,I brought them in and gave them a bath real quick to wash them off,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said he suspected an oil rig several hundred feet behind his home was responsible.

“I went over the rig site and they were a little shocked like oh kind of stuttering, they were like we had a cap blow off and it spewed some oil,” said Kennedy.

He says while the crew initially tried to downplay damage to property they later returned to help cleanup.

“At first they were like well use $6 to wash off your car and I’m like it's not going to work that way,” said Kennedy.

Within 24 hours Charter Oak Production called in a third party cleanup crew.

“They have been here yesterday and today slowly trying to get it cleaned up,” said Kennedy.  

He said anything coated in the crude oil is attracting flies.

“When it was fresh, I mean really gobbed up, flies all over it, I was like that’s weird, he said that happens all the time,” said Kennedy.  

And while property can be replaced Kennedy  wants to be sure his kids are safe to play in their own backyard.

“The kids being in the oil on their play equipment, what’s going to be the effect of it?

The OCC plans on collecting soil samples.